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Cream of Rice

Fuel Your Performance with Cream of Rice

Discover the power of Cream of Rice, an easy-to-digest complex carbohydrate made from white rice flour, designed to provide you with a rapid supply of energy. Perfect for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, Cream of Rice offers a range of benefits to support your training and muscle-building goals.

Unlike other carbohydrate sources, Cream of Rice is sugar-free and gluten-free, making it an excellent option for those following a bodybuilding diet or with dietary restrictions. Its high carbohydrate content serves as a potent power source, enabling you to achieve intense workouts and promote muscle growth.

Here are three key benefits of incorporating Cream of Rice into your routine:

  • Quick Energy Boost: Cream of Rice delivers a rapid supply of easily digestible carbohydrates, providing you with instant fuel to power through your workouts and enhance performance.
  • Muscle Building Support: With its high carbohydrate content, Cream of Rice provides the extra calories needed to support muscle mass development, helping you achieve your strength and size goals.
  • Satiety and Digestibility: Cream of Rice is highly digestible and promotes a feeling of fullness, keeping you satisfied and fuelled for longer periods. Its fast absorption rate ensures efficient nutrient delivery to your muscles.


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