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Laxo (200 mg Laxogenin)

Unlock Your Potential with Laxo

Introducing Chaos Crew Laxo, the ultimate Laxogenin supplement designed to elevate your performance and support your fitness goals. With 200mg of pure Laxogenin per capsule, Laxo harnesses the power of brassinosteroids, plant hormones known for their growth-regulating properties.

Unlike prohormones, Laxogenin works uniquely, providing you with a safe and effective way to enhance muscle growth and performance without any unwanted side effects. Although human studies are limited, countless users have reported positive experiences and noticeable results with Laxogenin.

Experience the benefits of Laxo:

  • Enhances muscle growth and repair
  • Promotes protein synthesis for faster recovery
  • Supports overall strength and athletic performance


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