Padded Lifting Straps


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Need some luminous Yellow lifting straps in your life? Worry not, we have your back.

Enhance your weightlifting experience with Chaos Crew Lifting Straps. These yellow straps, adorned with the distinctive Chaos Crew logo, are 22 inches long, providing sturdy support for your lifting sessions. Be part of the Crew, show your gym buddies you mean business.

133 in stock

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What are Chaos Crew Lifting Straps?

Chaos Crew Lifting Straps are a branded accessory designed to improve your weightlifting performance. Crafted with durability in mind, these 22-inch straps feature the Chaos Crew logo, making a bold statement in the gym.

How can Chaos Crew Lifting Straps help me?

These lifting straps are your trusted allies when it comes to heavy lifting. By attaching the weight to your wrists/hands, they prevent slippage, especially if you have a weak grip, tend to sweat, or have smaller hands. Chaos Crew Lifting Straps provide the extra grip you need to tackle heavier weights and push your limits.

How do I use Chaos Crew Lifting Straps?

Simply wrap the straps around your wrists/hands during weightlifting sessions. This helps secure the weights in your grip, preventing them from slipping. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or just starting, Chaos Crew Lifting Straps are the key to a more confident and effective workout.


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