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Natty Stack

Take your gains to the next level with Natty Stack

This is the ultimate natural muscle building stack! Chaos Crew Natty Stack is a muscle building product like no other. Combining four ingredients to give you the edge on your natty muscle building journey. Natty Stack includes 1000 mg of Turkesterone, 500 mg of Cellflo6™, 200 mg of Laxogenin and 65 mg of Brainberry®. Bringing you a product that not only helps to build lean muscle and boost protein synthesis, but also provides nootropic effects, improves blood flow and aids in recovery.

  • Combines all of our natural muscle building ingredients into one stack
  • Enhance muscle protein synthesis and improve lean muscle mass
  • Increase nitric oxide production (with Cellflo6) and boost mind muscle connection (with Brainberry)


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